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Author, educator, and community organizer Helen Knott’s memoir, In My Own Moccasins, is a book that pulls apart stories of conquest but builds up stories of triumph. It reshapes what it means to win the many battles that make life worth living. Over the course of the narrative, Knott contends with a monster that has many voices, faces, and names. It has so many of these, in fact, that at times it whispers sharply to her that it is the world itself.

There are a lot of things that Knott is good at, and that she only gets better at…

Wandering Sovereignty: The Trickster Figure and Culture Hero in Brandi Bird’s I Am Still Too Much

Anyone who writes poetry is in one way or another telling a story about change. In crafting a poem, the raw materials of language are translated into art that distills (and is distilled through) space, breath, sound, time, memory, voice, and meaning. Brandi Bird’s 2019 chapbook I Am Still Too Much (Rahila’s Ghost Press) is one with a special relationship to these forces that make transformation possible and impossible. …

The first two things that Terese Marie Mailhot lets you know in her memoir Heart Berries are that she’s a hustler and that there isn’t much of a difference between hustling and telling the truth. The book begins:

My story was maltreated. The words were too wrong and ugly to speak. I tried to tell someone my story, but he thought it was a hustle. He marked it as solicitation. The man took me shopping with his pity. I was silenced by charity — like so many Indians. I kept my hand out. …

Eli Burley

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